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    Default TESC BA Psychology AND AS Business Administration degree plan review

    Hello everyone. After studying for my BA in Psychology on and off since 2001 I decided it's time to get it over and done with. I currently have 85 credits from SNHU and American College of Dubai. SNHU is generous with transfer credit policy (90 credits) but you can't do anything in your last 30 credits so I'm stuck cuz I can't afford it anymore. I decided that I'd go with TESC using per credit enrollment and test out using TECEP, saylor academy and exe (I know I'd have to take the capstone and in all fill Tesc residency of 24 credits, 8 courses/exams, still cheaper overall). Oh and use the free credits towards AS in business administration in addition to the BA in Psychology (I know diploma will only read BA). I need someone with experience (I am sure many of you) to look at my plant and tell me if I need to alter anything.
    I'd also like to confirm that if I enroll now with 35 credits remaining TESC won't force to use another enrolment plan.
    OK so here's my plan of how my credits fit (in brackets is what I still need to take, course names and numbers as they appear on my transcripts).

    BA Psychology

    1] General Education 60 credits total

    Section (A) Intellectual and Practical Skills 15 credits

    College Comp I ENG 120
    College Comp II ENG 121
    College Algebra MAT 117

    Business Communications ENG 220
    Intro to IT IT 100

    Section (B) Human Cultures & Physical & Natural World 18 credits

    Public Speaking ENG 212
    General Biology BIO 101
    Macroeconomics ECO 202

    General Chemistry with lab SCI 472
    Personality Psychology PSY 216
    Finite Math MAT 120

    Section (C) Personal and Social Responsibility 9 credits

    Intro to Anthropology ANT 111
    {TECEP Environmental Ethics ETH 210 TE} Residency Req. 1
    World Literature LIT 201

    General Education Electives 18 credits

    World Religions PHI 230
    Intro to Sociology SOC 112
    Critical Reading LIT 200
    Health Issues SCI 215
    Social Psychology PSY 257
    {TECEP Science of Nutrition BIO 208 TE} Residency Req. 2

    2] Area of Study: Psychology 33 credits (18 Upper Level - 6 courses)

    Section (A) Required courses 9 credits

    Intro to Psychology PSY 108
    Statistics MAT 220
    {ECE Research Methods in Psychology PSY 365} Upper Level 1,

    Section (B) Capstone 3 credits

    {Capstone for Liberal Arts LIB 495}Upper Level 2, Residency Req. 3

    Section (C) Psychology Electives 21 Credits

    Psychology of child/adolescent adjust PSY 312 Upper Level 3
    Psychology child/adolescent development PSY 311 Upper level 4
    Disorders of childhood/adolescence PSY 314 Upper level 5
    Cognitive Psychology PSY 305 Upper Level 6
    Psychology of Abnormal Behavior PSY 215
    Human growth and development PSY 211
    Educational Psychology PSY 201

    3] Free Electives 27 credits (will use to satisfy AS Business)

    Intro to Business MAN 110
    {TECEP Principles of Financial Accnt. ACC 101 TE} Residency Req. 4
    {TECEP Principles of Managerial Accnt. ACC 102 TE} Residency Req. 5
    {TECEP Negotioation/Conflict Manangmnt. NEG 401 TE} Residency Req. 6
    {Ethics and Business Law BUS 205, Saylor Academy/NCCRS}
    {Principles of Marketing BUS 203, Saylor Academy/NCCRS}
    {Principles of Management BUS 208, Saylor Academy/NCCRS}
    {TECEP Marriage and the family SOC 210 TE} Residency Req. 7
    {TECEP Psychology of Women PSY 270 TE} Residency Req.8

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    What I meant above in regards to the pay per credit enrollment is whether I'm allowed to take this many credits (36) under this plan within a year.

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    Are you asking if there is a limit on how many exams you can take in a year? If so, I don't believe there is.
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    Yes that's what I meant, but I meant this under the pay per credit enrollment. I have come across a thread somewhere where someone said that they were made to take another enrollment so I was having doubts. Can't find that thread now.

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