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    I'm trying to understand how Saylor works if I'm transferring it to TESU. If I take the exam do I need to take another exam at TESU to have it count? That is how it looks on tesu's website. I don't plan to actually enroll until all my ace credits are finished so I don't want to have to go back and take tests on material I may have covered multiple courses back. I'm sure the material won't be fresh. Maybe I'm just reading it wrong. I've spent way too many hours reading up and trying to understand all the options. It's overwhelming - but in a very good way. I never knew there were so many options out there until this forum.

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    You just have to take the proctored Ace credit bearing exam on Saylor, and then have it added to your ACE transcript if you pass with 70% or higher. It will count as long as it fits into your degree plan, so you just have to make sure it's not duplicating something you've already taken and understand where it fits and what it will cover.

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    As strawberryxfuzz said, it will go on your ACE transcript, and you can transfer in to TESU.
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    For the three National CCRS courses that are not ACE-approved (Business Statistics, Intro to Computer Science, and Intro to Western Political Thought), you can fill out this form and Saylor will send a transcript directly to TESU:
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    What may be confusing to you is that Saylor courses are sometimes listed as study sources for TECEP exams at TESU. If the Saylor course is approved for ACE or NCCRS credit, that would be the easier route.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davewill View Post
    What may be confusing to you is that Saylor courses are sometimes listed as study sources for TECEP exams at TESU. If the Saylor course is approved for ACE or NCCRS credit, that would be the easier route.
    And less expensive
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