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    Default Bus 105 Labor Relations

    Has anyone taken this course who can provide feedback?
    Goal: TESU BSBA - GEN. MGMT.

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    Business Ethics and Society - 460
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    Criminal Justice - 458

    Coursework: UAA Anchorage GPA 3.66
    ENG 109
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    PSY 150

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    I have just finished this course. The first thing that you will notice is the lack of videos and mostly written lessons. The lessons are well written but can get tedious. Overall I would say it was challenging but doable. Make sure that you do the practice test and score at least 80 percent on each. Make sure that you truly understand the concepts. Focus on unfair labor practices. There are many scenario type questions that will give a scenario and ask if the action is legal. The focus is on your ability to apply concepts not memorize facts.

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