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    Default Another degree plan help post: COSC

    Greetings all, have been perusing this amazing resource for a few weeks now. Applied to a TESU and COSC, ultimately went with COSC due to their better customer support as they both accepted the same amount of credits from me. This all is a bit overwhelming, not sure if I made the right call, but I begin the cornerstone course next week. Reading through this forum I now see I probably should have knocked all my gen ed requirements out first but I needed to just bite the bullet and get this process started or I will procrastinate for another 15 years. My end goal is to test out/ use expeditied courses from SL etc as much and as fast as possible. Any and all recommendations or advice is greatly appreciated.

    So here goes: looking to obtain a BS in general studies with concentration in crim justice.

    Credits needed: 120
    Total credits accepted: 81
    Liberal arts credit needed: 60 / have 28
    UL credits needed: 30 / have 21
    Free electives completed: 33cr

    What I have fulfilled:

    Gen ed

    Written communication
    Social/behavior science
    Natural science 4 cr with lab (need 3 cr No lab)

    Crim justice CPS

    9 U/L free elective in area of study
    Mat 102 Statistics (satisfies both statistics requirement and math gen ed req)
    Crj 105 Intro to crim just
    CMP 103 computer programming

    What I need :

    Gen ed

    Oral communication: 3cr
    Ethical decision making : 3cr (Crj 325 or PSA 305 satisfies Area of concentration req as well)
    Natural science: 3cr (no lab)
    Global understanding: 3cr
    Lit & fine arts : 3cr
    Non US history: 3cr
    Us history: 3cr

    Total gen ed needed: 21

    Crim justice CPS

    need 36 credits, 15 UL ( have 9 UL electives)

    Evaluation & research methods
    One of following: criminology/nature of crime/sociology of crime/theory of crime
    Ethics in crim justice
    Diversity in CJ
    One of following: civil liberties/constitutional law/civil rights
    Cj capstone

    Also I have yet to put on a transcript 2 UL continuing education credits from New Mexico Tech that equate to Chem engineering 389/481. It will cost me another approx 500 to get them on a transcript and I'm not sure they will fulfill any requirements to be worth the money.

    Again if anyone has any recommendations on the easiest and fastest way to knock the remaining requirements for a BS degree I would be beyond grateful.
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    Congratulations on your enrollment. I have a few suggestions that I put together quickly for you.

    See this master exam list for how COSC accepts different exams:

    You can get a waiver for public speaking experience or Straighterline Intro to Communications is good for the oral requirement.

    Many courses/exams will give credit for both global understanding and Non US history. See master exam list. Vietnam War DSST will also be upper level.

    A Straighterline course is good for science or a science CLEP or DSST from the master exam list.

    The Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP is good for the Lit/Fine Arts requirement.

    US history or government course from somewhere like or Straighterline or CLEP for US History or Civil War DSST gives upper level credit

    I donít know much about the Criminal Justice concentration. I do know that Penn Foster has several CJ courses that seem to be mostly lower level. Check for current ACE approval. ACE CREDIT | The National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training

    There are also many exams from CSU global in CJ.

    It is best to get these courses/exams approved by your advisor or a registrar before taking.

    You have a great start already. I wish you the best as you complete your degree.
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    You made the right decision. Don't move the goal post - just go.
    When you close in on finishing, you can always take more time to consider graduate school options. That's where you'll have the most fun anyway (no crappy gen eds lol).
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    Thank you topdog very much for taking the time out to respond. It's a great help. Cook, while I don't plan on graduate school, hey ya never know where life takes you. I said I'd never get my Bachelors, however I am now in a position where to advance I need to obtain a Degree.
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