Took this final exam today and passed with an 86. I skimmed the lessons, did the quizzes, went through each chapter's flashcards once and took each practice chapter exam and the practice final exam.

The material was a bit dry in my opinion but doable. A lot of general common sense material- as in, what type of system would be used to manage a companyís budget and financial reports- customer relationship management, financial, manufacturing, supply chain, marketing. (not a real question from the exam but an example of a type I saw a lot in the course). Lots of basic term-definition questions that can be easily studied using the course and flashcards.

I know there are many many options to fulfill this requirement (CLEP, DSST, TECEP, Saylor, UExcel just off the top of my head) but for anyone who is nervous about this material for whatever reason (as I was!) this is a good low-stress way to complete it.

I am not sure how this course compares to Study.comís Business 109 Intro to Computing. I chose 104 over 109 because one of the chapters overlaps with Project Management (Business 311).