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    Hi I found a the UC Berkeley webcast recently and have found a few. I realy liked so far. I was wandering if it is possible to download them rather than stream them. It is easier to download while sleeping and watch when I have time.

    They come in a tiny RM file that is used to stream. If anyone knows how to do this let me know. However I do not know the legality of this either. If it is illegal to download them then tell me. I do not think it would be since they are streaming it live. I cannot see it being any more illegal than a VCR or TiVo.

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    I know how to DL the mp3. I was hoping for the video. I will check out itunes. I guess that means I actualy have to download it.

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    WM recorder will do it. Here is the link to the last version of this software that was freeware(version 8). If you want the new version,11, I think it costs $50. All you need is the URL where the video file is located. Since streaming video isn't always the easiest thing to find where the actual file is located / coming from I suggest you look up the program "URL Snooper" which will show you all the URLs being accessed by your brower. Find the one that ends in .rm or .wmv or whatever kind of file it is and plug it in the program and it will download it to your hard drive.
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