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    Default English Comp II CLEP or DANTES test?

    Hey all
    I know there is an English Comp I CLEP, but does anybody know if there is an English Comp II CLEP or DANTES test? I am unclear about the CLEP because apparently you can get 6 credits for the English Comp test - does this include both I and II? I need II and really don't want to take the class - I'm rather burned out on school after 3 years - thanks!

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    As far as I know, there are two versions of English Comp. you can take. You can take either English Comp without Essay, or English Comp. with essay. Both tests give you 6 credits. The English Comp w/essay is said to be much easier than the w/out essay version. As far as English Comp I and II, I think the test accounts for both classes you might have to take in college because it's a 6-credit exam instead of 3. Maybe you're thinking of the parts on the test. If you are, there are two parts on both exams. Part 1 on w/essay version is multiple choice and then part 2 is the written essay. I think on the w/out essay version the part 2 is just another multiple choice section, but the w/out essay version is supposed to be really hard. I took the English Comp. w/essay version and got a 54 (minimum passing was 50) I got my BA from Thomas Edison State College (TESC) and English Comp. was a requirement and the CLEP filled the requirement, so you should be good! I hope this answered your questions!


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