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    Default How long did it take for your university to receive CLEP transcripts?

    Iím planning on taking a CLEP test tomorrow and right after the test I will be telling them which university to send my scores to. How long did it take your college to receive the scores?

    Thank You

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    I can't say how long it takes for your university to process your new scores, but I do know from calling the CLEP service line that it takes 48 hours for your score to post in CLEP's system if your exam center gives the test online. CLEP forwards it to your school electronically after it has posted. Then it's up to your school how fast it gets from the office that receives the score to your transcript. If you're in an anxious hurry your advisor can probably speed up the process by contacting the right office within the school after you take the exam.
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    I just spoke with an assistant advisor at Excelsior and she confirmed with the records department that they do not receive CLEP scores electronically. She said it usually takes a couple of weeks.

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    Excelsior College grad -- usually took 2 weeks for my transcripts to show up as "received" on MyEC web page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Professor_Adam
    Excelsior College grad -- usually took 2 weeks for my transcripts to show up as "received" on MyEC web page.
    I've had the same experience. It was almost exactly two weeks to the day for it to show up as received. It would typically take another three to five days for the advising team to apply it to my degree plan.
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    Default My B&M experience

    The B&M I attend receives them via snail mail. It takes 2 weeks for them to receive it and then about 1 more week for it to post onto my transcript.
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    I don't know which way my campus receives the scores, but I can almost set my watch by the fact that 3 weeks to the day of taking the exam my score is posted on my transcript.
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    They told me 2 to 3 weeks.
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