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    Default Navy Defense Language Proficiency Test

    The Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) is an exam utilized by the DoD. While not its primary function, it has been evaluated by ACE for credit. The credit recommendation is here:

    To my knowledge, testing is only available to a select few civilians who work directly for the DoD. It is open to all military members.

    Until recently, the Navy only allowed most military members to test for the Listening and Reading portions of the exam. A recent change (June 2008) has opened up the possibility for the Oral portion to also be taken. A score of 3 must be made in both Listening and Reading categories to be eligible for the Oral portion. If the scores are met, a form can be filled out and turned into the Testing Control Officer.

    Full details for Naval personnel can be found on the Navy Advancement Center under the Defense Language tab.

    The credit that can be earned is huge. For example, when taking the Korean test if one were to score a 3 in each category (Listening, Reading, and Oral) one would earn 45 credits.
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