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    Question TESC e-pack and flashtrack courses

    I've decided to double major (History and Business Admin. General Business) @ TESC. The history major is going to require a TESC class or two and the business degree is going to require a few TECEP's and perhaps a class or two. Now TESC offers epack and flashtrack courses which sound suspiciously CLEP-and-DSST-like:
    How e-Pack® Courses Work
    e-Pack® courses are online courses designed around study materials and a series of online quizzes. The courses run on a 12-week semester basis and are well-suited for independent learners who prefer a study schedule that does not require assignments or mentor interaction.

    Quizzes and the Final Exam
    After studying a section of the study materials, students take a short online quiz and receive an immediate score, plus feedback to help strengthen their weak areas. The quiz scores do NOT count towards course results and are only used to help students prepare for the final exam. Students may take each quiz as many times as needed until they are confident that they have learned the material. A particularly flexible feature of e-Pack® courses is that students can study and take the quizzes at their own pace.

    Course results are based on a proctored comprehensive final exam taken by the end of the semester. Once a student passes the final exam, they receive credit for the course. Another advantage of e-Pack® courses is that students may schedule their exam before the end of the semester, if they are ready. This allows students to work more rapidly and earn credits in less time.
    Study (IC/wiki/REA shuffle), take quizzes which don't count (peterson's) and take an exam (CLEP or DSST), no? Same as we do it except these bad boys are graded and the VA will foot the bill under the new GI bill because they're technically classes. Anywho, I'd appreciate it if somebody who has done an epack or flashtrack could chime in and let me know what they're like because they look like a sweet deal to me.
    BA, History, TESC '10
    AAS, Mechanics and Maintenance, TESC '10

    CLEP Social Sciences & History - 70/50
    CLEP American Government - 65/50
    CLEP English Composition General - 68/50
    CLEP A & I Literature 70/50
    CLEP Sociology 73/50
    CLEP College Math 74/50
    CLEP Intro Psychology 72/50
    CLEP College Algebra 65/50
    CLEP Macroeconomics 73/50
    CLEP Microeconomics 70/50
    CLEP Western Civ. I 79/50
    CLEP Western Civ. II 70/50
    CLEP US History I 79/50
    CLEP US History II 78/50
    DSST Technical Writing 63/46
    DSST Intro to Computing 463/400
    DSST Substance Abuse 463/400
    DSST Fundamentals of Algebra 433/400
    DSST World Religions 467/400
    DSST The Civil War and Reconstruction 68/47
    DSST A History of the Vietnam War 78/44
    DSST An Introduction to the Modern Middle East 80/47
    DSST Western Europe since 1945 71/47
    DSST Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union 70/45

    ON DECK:

    A B.E. or an MBA

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    Ready for your CLEP exam?

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    If I'm not mistaken, e-pack, and TECEPs are all "pass or fail" at TESC (see below from their website). Only online and guided study courses are letter graded. I don't know about the newer flashtrack option.

    "e-Pack® Courses are suitable for independent distance learners who want the structure of a semester-based course, but do not require faculty mentor guidance and do not wish to complete written assignments. Students take a series of quizzes to prepare for a final exam. These courses are “pass” or “fail” only and do not result in a traditional letter grade."

    "Examination Programs, including our TECEP® tests, enable students to demonstrate the college-level knowledge they have gained through work, personal interests, or independent study by taking a single examination. Examinations are “pass” or “fail” only and do not result in a traditional letter grade."

    I'm new here but TESC is the school I'm leaning towards enrolling in and I've looked into their program quite a bit. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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