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    What kind of CLEP/DSST resources you guys have on your base library? Here in yokosuka, japan we got some good stuff, theres some REA guides and comex DVDs and stuff. Not too many books and what not but enough for me to have some extra resources on top of instantcert flashcards.

    What about your library?
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    Keep in mind that the military libraries can order/borrow books from one another. I was stationed at ALL the AF bases in Japan and have done it several times...worth checking out if Yokosuka doesn't have what you need. Also, you have access to Peterson's online and all the free practice tests they offer...get your password from your library. If you're interested in learning another language, they should offer FREE Rosetta Stone access as well...this is worth big bucks but there is sometimes a waiting list and you have to use it or they'll cut you off due to the waiting list. Hope this helps.
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