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    Default What is the top score on a DANTES exam?

    I took the DSST Introduction to Computing today and passed! Yay! I got a 461. I know the passing score is 400, but what is the maximum score? I am just curious as to what the approx. percentage grade i got. 70%-80%? more? less? anyone know?

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    Default DSST scoring...

    The 'refreshed' DSST exams are scored from 200-500 with 400 as passing. Several colleges requested a "B" equivalent score; DSST qualified a 419 as a B.

    You scored a 92% on your exam (Congrats!!) ..... FYI - - score/ max points = grade (percent correct) ~

    Hope this helps!

    Best wishes ~
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    oh thanks so much! that makes lots of sense.

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