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    Default How do Military Study for CLEP Exams?

    I'm curious to know how people in the military study for CLEP. Do you use online tools, do you use books, are there classes offered via the military? I know some of you probably have schedules that can change a lot, so what do you do to study for CLEP? I'd love to hear about:

    - How you schedule your study time
    - What study materials / resources you use
    - Where you do your studying (class, self-study, etc)

    Thanks in advance!

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    I study mainly at work. I work for 12 hours.. its really uncommon to be busy for whole time.

    I use IC
    Also use official CLEP Study guide
    and feedback from posters

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    Same here,
    I study when I'm not busy at work and when I get home.
    I use InstantCert flashcards, specific exam feedback section
    Teacher Professional Development and Teacher Resources by Annenberg Media
    REA books
    CLEP Official Study guides
    and any other recommended texts

    I schedule the exams at the base education center and take the exams. Supervisors are real good about giving time for education purposes.
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