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    Default Rosetta Stone

    Hi all!

    I'm planning to take the Spanish CLEP, and as I have no knowledge of Spanish whatsoever, I'm looking for good language resources for a beginner. I've heard good things about the Rosetta Stone software, but I saw on their website that they have Spanish for both Latin America and for Spain, and that they have multiple levels for each kind. My questions are:

    1. Which kind of Spanish (Latin America or Spain) should I get to pass the CLEP?
    2. How many levels (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) do I need to pass the CLEP?
    3. Is this program all it claims to be?

    I know that these programs are expensive, but if it will really help me learn the language than it will be worth it. Also, I have lots of younger siblings who are homeschooled, and my mom was already considering getting the Rosetta Stone Spanish for them, so it should get a lot of good use.

    Thanks in advance!


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    I don't know the definitive answer to any of your questions, though I'd suspect the CLEP tests Latin American Spanish and I too have heard great things about Rosetta Stone.

    One reason I was writing was to check to make sure your library doesn't offer Rosette Stone as a free resource. I know my library did for at least a time if they don't offer it now. It's worth a check!

    Good luck with your studies,
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    There is another program similar to Rosetta Stone called Instant Immersion Spanish. Check out the reviews on Amazon. People say it is pretty much the same thing but it is a LOT cheaper.


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    Default I like Pimsleur

    I always like Pimsleur series.

    I think its a great springboard into languages.

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    If you have any friends or relatives that are in the Army you could always have them get it for free and let you use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissCLEP
    I'm planning to take the Spanish CLEP, and as I have no knowledge of Spanish whatsoever, I'm looking for good language resources for a beginner.
    Hi MissCLEP,

    Is taking the Spanish CLEP mandatory for you or not? The reason I ask is that I've heard that the Spanish CLEP is one of the hardest CLEP tests available...and if you have no prior knowledge of the language, it seems that it would be a steep uphill climb.

    In other words, there are a lot of easier ways to earn 6 credits! On the other hand, if a language class is required for your degree, then I would consider studying for the Spanish CLEP.

    P.S. I have used the RosettaStone software for Latin American Spanish, and it is awesome. I would definitely recommend it for your younger home schooled siblings.
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    ^ya that's what I'm doing haha

    so far i did the entire german Rosetta stone i think the only that got better was my pronunciation... i'm still don't think i can get 60 points =/

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    I had been using Rosetta Stone nearly every day for about 3 or 4 months with the intention of doing the Spanish CLEP for my last 6 arts and sciences. I had the advantage of already being familiar with Spanish, having had 3 years of classes in high school, although most of it I had forgotten.

    Some people are just really good with new languages and/or listening comprehension, and I am neither, so take that FWIW but I quit about a third of the way through my practice Spanish test and decided to go with something else. I may have been able to bluff my way through the listening section and make up for it in the written, but I will never know. CLEP Spanish is not something you can just study for and get easy credits.
    1. Which kind of Spanish (Latin America or Spain) should I get to pass the CLEP?
    The biggest difference between the dialects is the pronunciation, and the use of the 'vosotros' form of verbs. Think of it like the difference between American and British English, though I have heard some Spaniards compare it to the difference between American English and ebonics.
    2. How many levels (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) do I need to pass the CLEP?
    Probably 2, but I can't say for sure. There are only 3 that I know of.
    3. Is this program all it claims to be?
    It is a good learning tool, but I have been supplementing it with more traditional grammar teaching from free language websites. Makes things much easier, IMO, though not what Rosetta wants you to do. I have heard good things about Pimsleur, but never tried it because Rosetta is what was available to me.
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    Thanks everyone for your replies! I'll definitately look to see if I can get Rosetta Stone at the library, and I'll also check out the other programs suggested. To those who have asked if I'm taking this CLEP to fulfill a requirement, the answer is yes (unfortunately!). I'd like to try and fulfill the requirement through a CLEP, and Spanish seemed like the easiest, and most practical, language to go for. I know it'll be really difficult, but I'd at least like to try before taking classes at a community college.

    Thanks again! If anyone has any more suggestions for helpful tools and study tips, please let me know!

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    Default Rosetta Stone

    Ready for your CLEP exam?

    Study for your exam using the same CLEP Study Guides used by thousands of members of this discussion forum!


    I am planning to take the Spanish CLEP this summer. I have Rosetta Stone volumes 1-3. This is a good program to get you speaking, but it will not make you fluent. I have a Mexican friend, and that has been good practice speaking to him because he can speak almost no English. I am almost finished with volume 3, but I am still not what I would consider fluent.

    Also, Rosetta Stone only teaches grammar by immersion. This means that you will have to "figure out" how to conjugate the verbs. I would read a book on grammar before you take it! Quick Start Spanish is a fun book to teach you the fundamentals of grammar. Then, you might try Cliff's Quick Review Spanish I and Spanish II. These books are a big help to understanding the structure of the language.

    I would say that if your goal is to pass the CLEP, probably go with Spain Spanish. I noticed that my Latin American version does not teach the second person plural "vosotros" form of conjugating verbs because most Latin American speakers do not use it. However, this form will be important with reading such things as the Bible and other books. Spain, Venezuela, and I think Honduras also use this form.

    You might consider taking a trip to a Spanish speaking country before the CLEP. I am hoping to do this. Wish you well!
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