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11 SL courses down, what degree would be best?
I want a degree so I can teach English overseas, so something fast and would give me something to fall back on when I return from overseas. I have 11 SL courses under my belt plus a class from CC. What would be the best school and degree for me to pursue?

My Courses:
Eng 101 CC
English Composition II
College Algebra
General Calculus I
Introduction to Biology
General Chemistry I
Introduction to Nutrition
Business Ethics
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Communications
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Religion
all of those courses should work in ANY degree under "general education." For most degrees at most schools, you'll need roughly 60 credits of gen ed for a bachelor's degree. You did a wise thing by keeping your classes diverse! If you'd have taken all science, or all math, or all social science, you'd have to be more creative at making them fit into specific degrees. You have the best situation right now, because -literally- there is nothing that pigeonholes you at this point. Pick whatever you'd like! Smile
I made a degree plan a while back for another person who wanted as many Straighterline classes as possible, and it might work for you. It is for a BA in Liberal Studies at TESC and includes enough TECEPs to qualify for the Pay Per Credit plan.

TESC Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (Straighterline/ Saylor/TECEP)
A. General Education Requirements (60)
1. CC/SL English Composition I 3
2. SL English Composition II 3
3. SL College Algebra 3
4. SL Calculus I 3
5. TECEP Applied Liberal Arts Mathematics 3
6. SL Intro to Philosophy 3
7. TECEP Technical Writing 3
8. SL Intro to Psychology 3
9. SL General Chemistry I CHE-111 3
10. SL Introductory Biology BIO-111 3
11. SL Intro to Communications 3
12. SL Intro to Sociology 3
13. SL Intro to Anthropology 3
14. TECEP Environmental Ethics 3
15. SL/TECEP Intro to Computer Science 3
16. ALEKS Intermediate Algebra 3
17. TECEP Intro to Political Science 3
18. SL Intro to Criminal Justice 3
19. Any general ed TECEP or SL course 3
20. Any general ed TECEP or SL course 3

B. Area of Study: Liberal Studies (33, 18 Upper Level)
1. Humanities 15, 9UL
a. SL Business Communication COM-300 3UL
b. SL Intro to World Religions REL-405 3UL
c. SL Business Ethics PHI-384 3UL
d. TECEP Intro to News Reporting JOU-110 3
e. TECEP Public Relations Thought and Practice COM-210 3

2. Social Science 6UL
f. SL Organizational Behavior as PSY-361 3UL
g. TECEP Abnormal Psychology PSY-350 3UL

3. Mathematics 3
h. ALEKS/SL Trig or Precalculus (or SL Calculus II) 3

4. Natural Science 6
i. SL Environmental Science ENS-200 3
j. SL Science of Nutrition BIO-208 3

5. Capstone 3UL
k. TESC Liberal Arts Capstone LIB-495 3UL

C. Free Electives 27
1. TEEX Cybersecurity series 6
2. NFA ACE-approved courses 3
3. Kaplan Open Learning PLA 3
4. Saylor classes for 15 hours (ProctorU fee per class) or more SL classes

To make this plan somewhat more useful for teaching, you could fill your free electives with the CLEP Intro to Educational Psychology 3, DSST Lifespan Developmental Psychology 3, DSST Foundations of Education 3, and the UExcel Literacy Instruction in the Elementary School 6. That would give you 15 hours of education-related courses, which would help if you wanted to teach in a private school or pursue teaching certification at a later date.
BA, MA, EdS, MMT, etc.
83 hours of ACE-worthy credits
But as Cookderosa said, the door is wide open! You really could choose any degree based on your interests.
BA, MA, EdS, MMT, etc.
83 hours of ACE-worthy credits

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