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15 companies that no longer require a college degree
I call BS on Home Depot.  Since when did Home Depot require a degree?
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It all depends on hiring manager, regardless of whether a company "requires" the degree. In my experience, hiring managers who place a high value on their own studies will expect the same of their direct reports.

Unfortunately, the real hiring manager often never sees the resume until it's been carefully screened by the internal HR team. The HR recruiters typically want to show what a great job they're doing by only sending the very top candidates to the hiring manager. This makes sense, but I remember years ago when hiring for entry-level B2B sales positions, I specifically told the recruiter that I didn't care about degree, only experience. And no matter how many times I tried to explain that a degree didn't help people sell, I only got resumes that had undergrads and masters degrees whenever possible. Even after explaining that there was NO WAY I was going to train someone with a masters for an entry-level position, they did not care. It always made it a lot easier if I had a referral because then I could see the resume without having the screening first.

Moral of the story: Get to the hiring manager in any way possible. Use your LinkedIn network or whatever else you can do because recruiters want the top degrees for a position no matter how ridiculous it seems.
Regis University, ITESO, Global MBA with a focus in Emerging Markets 4.0 GPA, Dual-university degree (Spanish/English) 
COSC BS, Business Admin

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