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30 credits for knowing a Foreign Language ($275)
Nightmoves5 Wrote:You're very welcome! It took just a couple of days to be evaluated but over a week for it to reflect on my ACE transcript.

When you added it to your ACE account which one did you select? or did you make requests for all?

For example for reading on ACE there are three:
ACTFL Reading Proficiency Test (RPT): Advanced High/Superior (6 credits)
ACTFL Reading Proficiency Test (RPT): Advanced Low/Advanced Mid (3 credits)
ACTFL Reading Proficiency Test (RPT): Intermediate High (2 credits)
TESU: Capstone completed Big Grin Classroom Management, Differentiated Instruction (6)
Patten: Academic Strategies, Child Growth and Development, Reading, Writing, and Research, Social Psych, Lifespan Development, American Government (18)
Shmoop: Drugs in Lit, Holocaust Lit, Poetry, Lit in the Media, Modernist Lit, Shakespeare's Plays, Western Lit, Women's Lit, British Lit, Euro History (30)
SL: Cultural Anthropology, English Comp I, English Comp II, Biology, Intro Comm, Environmental Science, Philosophy, C++,  Religion (27)
TEEX: Cyber Security for Business Professionals, Cyber Security for Everyone, Cyber Security for IT Professionals (6)
Sophia: Art History, Psychology, Sociology, Visual Comm, Dev Teams  (13)
ALEKS: Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry (15)
NFA: Fire Service Supervision, Community Safety Educators (2)
Kaplan: Documenting Experiences (3)
ACTFL: Reading Proficiency Test (6)
CPCU: Ethics (2)
For all exam passed, as you can enter multiple requests at once by simply selecting the various courses which will then be listed under 'pending' until approved.
Hey guys, I'm a native Spanish speaker so I really appreciate this post; however, in the ACE website they require a SSN to register.
Has anybody experienced the same situation? FYI I have Canadian citizenship.
Thanks guys
adrianeraldo Wrote:Hey guys, I'm a native Spanish speaker so I really appreciate this post; however, in the ACE website they require a SSN to register.
Has anybody experienced the same situation? FYI I have Canadian citizenship.
Thanks guys

I can't find the page, but someone mentioned setting it up without an SSN and just continuing.

The SSN is for cross-referencing with providers who may take your SSN to verify your identity. A full name w/DOB listing is more than enough for all of the accounts I've looked at or set up.
BS Information Technology - Security, Western Governors University, 2017. Journey thread here.
AAS Information Systems Cybersecurity, CC, 2017
AAS Computer Networking, CC, 2017

Certifications: A+, Linux+, Project+, CCNA, CCNA: Security, and CCNP

Community College (79cr):
College Algebra (4), Comp I (3), Speech Comm (3), Federal Govt (3), Intro to Humanities (3), IT Courses (63)
WGU (35cr): IT Foundations & Applications (8), Project Management (4), Principles of Management (4), Spreadsheets (3), Database Management (4), Operating Systems I & II (8), IT Capstone (4)
StraighterLine (9cr): Org Behavior (3), Business Stat (3), English Comp II (3)
ALEKS (18cr): [Beginning, Intermediate, & College] Algebra (9), Trig (3), PreCalc (3), Intro to Stats (3)
Free Courses (8cr): Ethics (Institutes), Cyber 101 & 301 (TEEX), Developing Effective Teams & Essentials of Managing Conflict (Sophia)
Hiya!  I realize this is a 2+ year old thread but since it has so much valuable info, I wanted to keep it open and updated for those who might be interested.

My neighbor would like to use LTI for the Spanish exams.  He hopes to gain 27-30 credits before he applies to TESU or COSC.  

Has anyone taken these exams recently and have any info share ? 

Thank you in advance!
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