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52 college credits what to do?
Hi everyone,

This post in particular is about my husband. I myself and starting my TESU journey via CLEP and he was curious about the whole thing so I wanted to help him out by looking at his college transcripts. He has 52 credits total but I am really not sure what he could obtain with them. I thought maybe an AA?

Would it be worth his time to attempt a BSBA? or just try to go for an Associates? He's willing to do CLEP but only one exam at a time.
Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank you!

[Image: Gr6Ns8w.jpg]
I essentially did my degree one exam or course at a time. I started with 69 credits from CC, and it took me a little bit under 2 years. Although a lot of people here rush through their degree, alternative credit can work great, even if you don't want to rush. In that case, though, you want to concentrate on sources of credit that don't charge by the term. There are a number of free credit choices that are great for people getting their feet wet. With CLEP, DSST, TECEPs, OnlineDegree, and, you pay per course or exam, so the pace can be your own. TESU is a good choice for that scenario, as you can apply cheaply and maintain your enrollment cheaply.

His credits look as though they would fit into any degree he would want to get. Of course, only your husband can answer whether he's ready to do it and whether it would be "worth his time".

I don't, in general, recommend associate's degrees. From our usual providers they are too expensive, and they don't provide much bang for the buck in most career situations. I only think they make sense if it's almost zero money and effort, or it's the only degree the person CAN get. The Pierpont BOG AAS is one that can be earned with alternative credit and nearly for free. You have to have a minimum of 15 "real" college credits, which your husband does. You can search here for "Pierpont" to learn more.
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These credits will work almost anywhere - another college, TESU, COSC, or even WGU.

I was like davewill, I started with 72cr from 3 different colleges, and I took a very long time to get my degree, 3 credits at a time (I was a SAHM so there was no rush). I also paid as I went, so didn't have the money to do a bunch at a time. I just plugged away, and took anything free that came up (I took FEMA courses in 2011, Sophia gave a free course in 2015, Kaplan had a free course in 2014, I used the scholarship in 2017/18, etc.).

Now, there are even more opportunities to get free credits, or inexpensive ones, especially UL.

I also agree with davewill that if your husband is not yet committed to a degree plan, to take CLEP exams (through ModernStates because it's free). That way, he can get a bunch of free credit that will most likely apply to multiple schools, so he can leave his options open.

Then, when he has some more credits, and has decided what school he wants to go to, have him come back and post again with all of his credits, and we'll tell you which school is the best choice, and give him a plan to finish.
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I think it depends on what his goal is. For example I'm starting to realize that an Associate's in Applied Electronics from TESU fits me perfectly. I got most of the Electronics credits due to my Navy schooling. I've been looking around and some jobs that's the minimum required education plus a few certs.
Also depending on where you are from and where he took those classes he might be able to find a local community college that might award him a degree by taking some classes with them.
For example California's Coastline Community College will take most CLEPS and DSST exams. They also have a lot of online classes and award credit for military service/schooling.
Their residency requirement is 12 units which is $552 dollars for California State residents. For California residents who want an Associate's I think this is a great alternative to TESU and Excelsior. Perhaps your state has a similar college.

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