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(04-05-2022, 08:56 AM)Bryzia Wrote:
(01-28-2021, 05:04 PM)utility Wrote: Spanish writing, reading, speaking.  The speaking one I did the automated test because I didn't want to wait 2 weeks for the appointment.  The Acclaim badges that I got say the language (images attached).  This might be why they added without having to get anything sent from LTI or getting a notarized letter.

Speaking - Advanced Mid - 6 LL + 3 UL
Writing - Advanced Low - 6 LL + 2 UL
Reading - Advanded Low/Mid - 3 LL

They gave me a total of 20 credits (5 upper level).  Images attached on where they went.

Completely filled Knowledge of Human Cultures - 12 credits
GE Electives - 3 credits
Upper Level - 5 credits

I had my electives filled prior to getting these credits, now it's showing 5 credits needed.  I guess I'll have to message them to see if they can move some of my other credits around.  I have 154 credits total right now and still missing 12 credits to finish the BALS.  If everything goes where it's supposed to go and they accept the TEEX student history that was mailed to them, all I should have left is the capstone.

If they don't accept everything as-is I might extend my time to finish and go BSBA CIS which is what I originally wanted before their new credit transfer policy.  I should have the Associates Computer Science completed once they add my final course.
This is great info thanks! Did you take the Spanish CLEP? and did it overlap with ACTFL?

I've never taken a CLEP so no clue.

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