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AF cuts proctored exams for DL classes, and more
So this just came down. AF had to cut 35% of personnel from base eduction offices worldwide. This forced a review of what is actually a core task of the base ed office. One of the non-core functions that got chopped was proctoring exams for civilian distance learning courses. If your base has a National Testing Center operated by a civilian organization it may be able to provide proctoring -- that is what my base's NTC stated just now, but she will double-check to make sure. But I wanted to pass this along since we all know how efficiently this info travels through official channels to reach everyone (or not). Edit: Response from NTC is there are discussions of charging $20 or so per test for proctoring.

Note: Just because a function is "non-core" does not necessarily mean that benefit is being eliminated, only that the base education office is no longer staffed and funded to support it. So for example, Troops to Teachers is not going away as a program, but rather you will be redirected to the appropriate state agency for support. There is an attachment detailing impacts and workarounds (if possible) for each non-core item that is cut. I'm not comfortable posting an entire document since I can't find it anywhere else using Google, but if you have a specific question on a specific program listed below ask away and I'll see if I can find the answer. I am not on here every day, so please be patient, but I'll try to answer you if I can.

Quote:The key point is that education centers will no longer perform all the
tasks/programs previously possible with larger staffs. Instead, the
emphasis is now on providing core essential programs and eliminating those
that have no direct value added to those core functions.

The core functions are:

-Counseling/Advising (Academic, CCAF, MilTA)

-Testing (academic and PME only)

-Program Management (Approving MilTA (will be centralized at a later date),
MOUs, Needs Assessments, Enlisted Education Level Updates, Customer Service,
Non-Personal Services Contracts, and Budget (Non-MilTA))

Non Core functions are:

-Troops to Teachers

-Spouse tuition programs

-Education Deferments/Leaves of Absence

-Education Grants, Loans, etc

-Voluntary Education Plans

-CCAF Graduation Ceremonies

-Commissioning Program

-VA Counseling


-PME Enrollments

-Distance learning proctored exams

-Base Education Planning and Advisory Committee

-PME Seminars

-Civilian Tuition Assistance

-Third Party Review OPR

A few pre-emptive answers:

* CCAF Graduation: There will still be a ceremony (AFI calls for an "appropriate" ceremony but doesn't specify what that means). This can be at a commander's call, or the Chief's Group can sponsor a formal ceremony. Base Ed Office will no longer coordinate and fund it.

* Commissiniong: Military will no longer receive counseling and package reviews for commissioning packages. It is pretty blunt: The package guidelines are online, and you will have to use the same online resources civilians use to prepare your package.

* Spouse TA: Transitions to Family Support and possibly the MAJCOM.
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I hate to appear stupid but what is a Majcom
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frankiebleyes Wrote:I hate to appear stupid but what is a Majcom

A Majcom is the Air Force equivalent of an Army Command. From lowest to highest it goes: Element, Flight, Squadron, Group, Wing, MAJCOM, etc.
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Prloko Wrote:A Majcom is the Air Force equivalent of an Army Command. From lowest to highest it goes: Element, Flight, Squadron, Group, Wing, MAJCOM, etc.

MAJCOM is short for "Major Command". Some AF MAJCOMS are Air Training and Education Command, Air Mobility Command, Air Force Reserve Command, Air Combat Command, Space Command, Air Force Special Operations Command, etc.
My ed center is currently still couseling on commission packages. If you read the BOT and AF Form 56 a BESO counselor still has to check the package and verify contents along with their signatures. I asked about this and they told me they have no idea about that and nothing is definite.
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