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ALEKS is painful..
(09-11-2019, 06:33 PM)OldManOfTheSea Wrote:
(09-11-2019, 04:15 PM)allvia Wrote:
(09-11-2019, 01:51 PM)lacussucceed Wrote: I'm not 100% sure, but if I recall correctly you can choose which credits you want to include when ordering a ACE transcript.

ACE is just a complete transcript option.  SL's free direct transcript offers a choice.  I really would not worry about have duplicates; I'd only worry about what seems missing. Plus in the long run one school some day you're interested in might only take the precal as valid, and not the algebra - always best to have your transcript complete.  Many of us here have courses duplicated on our ACE transcript from when the Alternative Credit Project (APC) was active; some (non Big3) school's would take the credit if only if APC but not the (literally) same course from SL, Saylor, Sophia etc

Hi allvia!

Sounds like a good idea.  Do you happen to remember what duplicate classes look like on the TESU transcript?  Does it give credit for one and then say no credit for the other (like someone could interpret that as failing class therefore needing to take it again)?  Or does it give credit for one and then say the other is a duplicate?  Or is it something else entirely?  I apologize in advance.. I have a touch of OCD and these things tend to worry me.


I have two duplicates on my transcript - ENC-101 (I took both CLEPs because I didn't know which one would count) and MAT-121 (I took the CLEP, but then later decided to take the class for a grade).

In both cases, my unofficial transcript (I haven't seen my official transcript yet) lists both as totally separate entities. Each shows their respective grades (for ENC-101, that was CR and CR, for MAT-121 it was CR for one and A for the other), and one of each is marked with a "Y" in the column labeled "repeat". Hope that helps!
Link to all credits earned: Link
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