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ASNSM Biology from TESU - BS Natural Sciences (Biology) from Excelsior - Good plan?
I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the courses required for the BA in Biology at TESU.  Specifically, cell biology, genetics, and organic chemistry I & II freak me out.  (I tried the genetics course on & I wasn't able to absorb the material quickly enough to pass the course before my guardian scholarship expired.  Unfortunately, I had to speed through the course & I failed the final by a few points.)  So, I'm considering getting my ASNSM in Biology at TESU & my BS in Natural Sciences w/ a Biology concentration at Excelsior - just to avoid the courses mentioned above.  

As a military dependent, I'll need to take four TECEPs to fulfill my residency requirements for the associate's degree at TESU. Then, I'll need to earn 15 credits at Excelsior to fulfill my residency requirements for a bachelor's degree at their school.  So, if I go with this plan, then at least I'll have an associate's degree in Biology & a pseudo-biology undergraduate degree.  Ultimately, I just want to work with animals in some capacity (not vet school), and I know that I'll need a degree in a science-related field.  

My only qualm about Excelsior is that they require a total of 30 upper-level credits (18 in the sciences).  Ugh!  I was having enough trouble trying to figure out how to fulfill the 18 I needed at TESU.   

Anyway, I'm just curious to know what you guys think of this plan.  Thanks for any input you can offer!
Maybe you should try something different than IIRC, you almost failed personal finance, or maybe that was someone else. You might get a job working with animals with a natural science degree (these jobs aren't abundant), but if you need to do lab work, you're not going to have enough academic preparation.
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Since you were close to passing Genetics, you probably would have passed if you had 1 or 2 more days. Just retake the exam and give yourself enough time to read/watch, take multiple practice tests, and maybe watch some videos on YouTube for concepts you don't get.

However, I can understand about OChem, especially since it's two courses.

If you almost passed genetics while rushing through the material, I think you can probably handle the other science courses. You might want to take them at CC where you can get tutoring and attend office hours with a TA or Prof.
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