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For those that have completed this degree which Math did you use for the Mathematics requirement?
I am leaning to using Stats which I'm sure would work but, being that it says just Mathematics, could something like Study's Math 101 (intermediate Algebra) or Math 102 (College Mathematics) work?
Homeschool College Guidance Counselor Mom to twin 14 yo boys

Study: US History 1, Pres Skills, Environ Science, Ethics in America, Intro to CJ, Meteorology, Forensic Sci, Criminology
Sophia: Psychology, Visual Comms, Sociology, Eff Teams, Mng Conflict, Student Success, Anc Greek Philo, Art History 1, Intro to IT,
Intro to Bus, English Comp 1, Religions

Planning for (2) Bachelors: BSLS with Psychology Concentration

I'll be finished with this degree in a few weeks after SOS-110. I used College Algebra for my mathematics requirement and CSM Learn math course for my Quantitative Literacy requirement. This is for the ASNSM in Computer Science.
BALS Social Sciences - TESU 2020
ASNSM Computer Science - TESU 2020
I'm doing the ASNSM in Math, so I have a lot of math credits, but they used my CLEP College Math for both the Math and the QuantLit requirement.
BA History & Psychology, Thomas Edison State University, March 2020
ASNSM Mathematics, Thomas Edison State University, March 2020

Up Next:
JD, School To Be Determined

Link to all credits earned: Link
I'm doing the ASNSM in Computer Science and completed with CSMLearn for the "A. Intellectual and Practical Skills" section +'s Intro to Stats for the "E. Mathematics" section.
TESU for BA in Psychology + ASNSM in Computer Science
Working on - nothing! COVID-19 induced break until September when son resumes school
Next up - - Eng Comp II, Coopersmith/SDC for rest of AOS courses
Grad goal - slow-paced, ~2021
Completed - 
28 cr from B&M CC
The Institute: Ethics,
TEEX: AWR173 Psy 104, His 108, Edu 104, Edu 103, Pol Sci 102, Comm 120, Comp Sci 102 + 103 Intro to Stats/Psych/Sociology, Envir Science, Conflict Res, Hum Biology, Visual Comm, US History I + II, Intro to IT, An.Gr.Philosopher

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