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Aleks Math Degree Plan Under 18
(09-14-2020, 01:46 PM)ss20ts Wrote:
(09-14-2020, 12:44 PM)rachel83az Wrote:
(09-14-2020, 11:15 AM)ss20ts Wrote: But the accreditation has expired. Many schools will not accept expired ACE courses. We never know when a school will stop accepting credits from a provider until they announce it. It's usually a very short window after the announcement is made in which they are still acceptable.

That's not usually how it works. If the course is taken and put on the ACE transcript before the course expires then it's perfectly valid. If you try to take and transcript a course after expiration, this is where you run into issues.

Like I said MANY schools don't accept them once they're expired. I did not say ALL. I have attended a school which does NOT accept expired ACE credits.

Expired just means that the recommendation period for that course has ended. This happens every time a course is updated, and can also happen if a provider doesn't renew its affiliation with ACE. ALEKS often "forgets" to renew every few years, probably as a cost-saving measure since ACE accreditation is expensive. When they come back they often have their courses retroactively approved if no changes have been made since the last renewal.

Just because a provider doesn't have an active ACE recommendation doesn't mean the older courses taken there have been invalidated. As long as a course was completed before the end of its ACE recommendation period, it can be transcribed. Once a course has been added to your ACE transcript, it is as valid as any other ACE-recommended course and will remain so for at least 20 years. That doesn't guarantee that any school will accept the ACE course to waive degree requirements, but it does mean it will be in ACE's system for at least that long.

It is highly unusual for a school to care about the current ACE recommendation status of a course. If a course appears on an ACE transcript then it is valid since you cannot add courses to the transcript that were not valid at the time. It would be akin to a college not accepting courses that are not currently being taught by the originating college even though they appear on a valid transcript. We all know that schools change their curriculum all the time and classes are added, removed, and updated so that would be silly. Most of the time schools don't even bother to look up courses on ACE, they only care if it is on a valid transcript.

That said, every school handles transfer evaluations in their own way. I have personally never heard of this practice, so some schools may do this, but it is certainly not common. None of the schools we actively support on this forum has such odd ACE policies though.
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If you don't have the 24 credits and under 20, there is this also at TESU:
Applicants (degree seeking and non-matriculated) who are 18-19 years, and
who possess a high school degree, GED, or a secondary home school diploma that meets the requirements of the applicant's state of residency,
but have earned LESS than 24 credits or have earned their credits from an approved University course provider who is not regionally accredited, must take the Accuplacer, Next Generation examination within 30 days of applying and achieve scores of: Reading Comprehension: 236 or higher Sentence Skills: 241 or higher Arithmetic: 216 or higher Students are limited to taking the Accuplacer examination to two times within a 12 month period.

so if you can take accuplacer somewhere, tesu may not be out just yet.
someone else will chime in with the cheap community college place in new mexico.... and a few others...
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At COSC, TECEP and Uexcel courses count as RA credits.

There is also Tel Learning which transcripts courses at a cost of about $66 per credit.

Others can be found here:
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