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Alternative Course for Information Literacy Requirement at Excelsior College
I asked the folks at Excelsior College if a counseling course at the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, CA would satisfy their Information Literacy requirement. Their reply was:

"I reviewed the courses from College of the Canyons and added them to the Course approval screen. As you will see COUNS 070 does not meet Information Literacy, it would be a developmental course and would not be acceptable for credit. LMTECH 100 Introduction to Research will meet the requirement."

Aha! I didn't expect them to delve into the schedule for me, but am very grateful. LMTECH 100 is a one unit online course which would cost $20 for CA residents. It still may be cheaper than the Excelsior course even with the out-of-state tuition. I haven't done it yet but I'm passing along the info so people can use it. If the CA course isn't your best option, you may try looking at the description of the Introduction to Research course at the College of the Canyons website and then attempt to match it to a community college in your area. The course starts in a few months so if there's still room there should still be time to enroll. It's a bit of a hassle to apply and enroll for one unit, but it may save some significant $$$$.

*Follow-up Jan 2008: FYI, I did complete this course and it was not very difficult. At the time, two classroom appearances were required but the teacher stated that his intent was to offer it completely on-line--so it's worth checking out if money is an issue. I copied the pages I needed from the small textbook that was used so there was no significant book expense and most assignments were short and on-line. The most work required was a two page paper with proper bibliography. It takes one month to complete--so the Excelsior course can be completed much faster--but this one is only twenty bucks. So, if you have twenty dollars and time to do a few assignments over the course of a month, you may want to check this out.
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Looks like there are two mandatory class attendance dates, the first and last day of class.
But, if you live near campus, and you are an Excelsior student, $20 is a steal to meet that Info. Lit Req.
The IL Excelsior Course is not worth $200. I took it without even reading through all the modules and scored 92%. I didn't pay for it personally though, work did, so it's all good.
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