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Alternatives to Saylor for UL credit (TESU BSBA CIS)
(09-13-2019, 01:09 PM)scout2family Wrote:
(12-04-2018, 08:15 PM)Merlin Wrote: Just take the courses. They also have their issues, but as long as you're paying attention you shouldn't have any issue passing. Particularly given that it sounds like you already have a lot of the requisite experience and knowledge. In such a case, the courses should go pretty quickly. You can also take more CS focused courses to fill in the gaps, and your experience should give you a leg up there as well.

Not to mention, the Saylor CS/CIS courses are all lower level credit now. So if you want UL credit you need to hit up anyway, or look into other options like TECEPs or CSU-Global CBE's. You can take the Networking TECEP for UL credit, for example.
HI Merlin! 
CSU-Global -- which courses are UL? Is there a list of how CSU-Global transfers into TESU? I'm on the hunt for test-out options to fulfill Tech Studies AOS. Computer courses seem to fit the bill. Saylor was listed as backup, back when I made the degree plan in 2018 and I guess Saylor is now LL. Bummer!

You can tell if CSU-Global exams are LL or UL by their course numbers - LL is 100-299, UL is 300-499.  The vast majority are UL.
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