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Amberton's M.A. - Prof. Development - just graduated
Great post!  Thanks for sharing.
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Kevinmane/Thorne can you share your experience with Vesi?
What were courses like?
What were the requirements?
Time commitments?
Time to completion?
(12-06-2017, 11:08 PM)heinleineken Wrote: Congrats!
Kevinmane/Thorne can you share your experience with Vesi?  
What were courses like?  
What were the requirements?  
Time commitments?  
Time to completion?

Congrats! - Thanks! Just got the degree in the mail - super sweet!
Kevinmane/Thorne can you share your experience with Vesi? - Sure!
What were courses like? - All Education-related such as how to deal with aggressive children in a classroom. You review a bunch of slides, take tests based on those slides, and write papers.
What were the requirements? - Each course: four exams, four 500-1000word Q&As based on the info learned, and three 400ishword scholarly journal article (SJA) reviews (just review an article based on the course's subject and write about how it relates to the course and what you learned/applied from it). 
Time commitments?  - You could get a course done in one day if that's all you did that day. Otherwise, I'd say you could get it done in 2 weeks if you spent 1-2 hours a day on each one.
Time to completion? - They give you a whole year to complete the course, but they don't allow you to submit your exams/assignments for grading until 2 weeks after you order it. So even if you finish a course in a day, you're not gonna know your grade for at least 3+ weeks - so you might as well take your time.

I recommend the following:

-Take one course at a time

-Day 1, Review 1 slide, take 1st exam
-Day 2, Review 2nd slide, take 2nd exam
-Day 3, Review 3rd slide, take 3rd exam
-Day 4, Review 4th slide, take 4th exam
-Day 5, take a break
-Day 6, Do Q&A # 1
-Day 7, Do Q&A # 2
-Day 8, Do Q&A # 3
-Day 9, Do Q&A # 4
-Day 10, take a break
-Day 11, SJA # 1
-Day 12, SJA # 2
-Day 13, SJA # 3
-Day 14, Review all your writings, check for grammar, etc. - then submit.
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Excellent breakdown of the Vesi course - Thank you!
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RANSOMSOUL: Exchange Good For Great

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Truly appreciate the breakdown! I've been considering Vesi for some time now, and your response has pushed me over the edge. Thanks!
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Thanks for info on both. I'm starting to gather info for my second masters degree. First one is my hobby degree. It's cheap and I think I can finish it by end of the year. Plus I want that piece of paper for future resumes. I've been researching for my husband and I think this might work for him. Do you know if they allow you to take any finance/business courses in that degree plan?
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