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Any All-But-Dissertation (ABD) Doctorate in Psychology (Psy.D./Ph.D.) programs?
Chanel1 on the other forum graduated from CalSouthern and decided to complete all of their SPE hours after graduation, which California allows. I think their advice is solid if you want to keep the doors open for licensure.

To recap, we discussed Capitol Technology University and Oklahoma State University. There are multiple ABD programs in the U.S. for education and business and even one in computer science, but I haven't seen one for psychology. Your closest option for an ABD in psychology would be CapTech since the program accepts 42 transfer credits and is dissertation-only. You said that you've already talked to them, and they confirmed that they will accept 42 of your credits. The problem with CapTech is that it is more expensive than CalSouthern, it is not designed for licensure, and it is just as unknown as CalSouthern.

The OSU option is a Doctor of Forensic Sciences with an emphasis in Forensic Psychology. The catalog hasn't been updated, but the core will be 18 credits of general forensic science courses. They'll likely accept 30 transfer credits from your CalSouthern education. Then, the remaining 12 credits will be OSU's forensic psychology courses. OSU is cheap and is a state university that might have a better reputation than CalSouthern and CapTech, but it's ranked #182 nationally. It's not up there with UCLA or University of Michigan, so I'm not sure that it would be worth it to transfer for only a slightly better name. OSU's program is also not intended for licensure, so I am not sure whether California would recognize it as a qualifying degree.
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