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Any short and sweet 1 credit online courses out there?
Another short course would be the HIS 108: History of the Vietnam War, this is another quick option. I would fork out the monthly bill and try to get both done in less than a month. Both are 33.3% quizzes and 66.6% on the final. I would shoot for 6 credits, uses RPNOW which is proctor by recording, so you don't have to worry about interacting with a live proctor... just have the family member follow instructions on the screen and they're good to go.
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(10-24-2020, 02:54 PM)ctcarl Wrote: Going to need a one credit course for a family member who's already taken Sophia Managing Conflict and Developing Effective Teams.

Thinking about Sophia College Readiness (three credits) or TEEX, but it's not clear whether you can get one credit for TEEX AWR173 or 175 by themselves anymore.

If anyone knows of a quick and cheap one credit online course, preferably without papers or proctoring, please post.


Excelsior College has a really awesome Information Literacy course that counts for 1 CR and can be finished in a day!

Just kidding, lots of great recommendations here just figured I'd throw in a laugh.


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