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Anyone go to their graduation ceremony?
Hey all,

Today I was feeling a little under the weather, so instead of studying, I decided I would watch some of the EC graduation web cast. It was so motivating!
Now I'm anxious to hear first hand what it was like! Did any of you 'big three' graduates attend your graduation, and what was it like??
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I'm not going and hadn't planned on it. I did think twice about it when I received my graduation packet in the mail. We didn't make preparations and it is too late now. I'm working on my MPA - You couldn't keep me away from that graduation.

I think it would be an enjoyable experience and anyone that can go, should.
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I went, more as an excuse to go to Albany and see my dad. (He lives in Vermont, but it's a short drive away, and one of my stepbrothers lives in Albany.) The graduation ceremony was fine, and the speech by Stephen Joel Trachtenberg was quite inspiring. The graduates were particularly appreciative of the military amongst us, and the only standing ovation was for a graduate who was about to deploy to Iraq.

But the best part of the weekend was the Alumni Advisory Board meeting the morning after the ceremony. Even though all graduates are invited, the number that attended the meeting was tiny -- fewer than ten. It's kind of a shame because this meeting is an opportunity to meet the college president, the chairman of the Board of Trustees, and many other administrators and staff. And since so few attend, it's not just a handshake meeting -- you can spend some quality time with these folks.


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