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Anyone take clep/dsst in los angeles area?
Anyone here take exams in Los Angeles or surrounding areas? I have only been able to find one place using the college board webiste. The few they have listed are out of date. I also tried UOP and they only test in San diego county. Same with National university. 2 others i called do it for enrolled students only.

So far I only have one place that is about a 30 minute + drive out of L.A.

Let me know what specific area of L.A. you live in (I used to live in O.C.), and maybe I can help you figure out a place to go for your tests. Smile

i am in the san fernando valley.

Northridge, burbank, woodland hills, reseda, sherman oaks are all surrounding areas.

There's a place in Burbank that does it on Sundays, but I take mine at the Masters College in Santa Clarita. It's just a hair north--but I'm sure not as far as you think! And, the Masters College is in the southern part of Santa Clarita. It's a GREAT environment--the college setting reminds me of a nature center--it's very serene and beautiful. They have three PC's set up in their climate controlled career center--you can take CLEP AND DSST there, the cost is reasonable, and once you've taken a few--they will work with you on scheduling. They are available to test M-F with regular testing times at 1:00 and 3:00 each day. It makes me look FORWARD to testing!
My Excelsior Journey
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Sundays at woodbury are bad for me.

I went to masters recently to take a dsst exam. It is a good place but i think they changed there schedule. If i remeber right i took my last one on a friday. But now they dont do fridays anymore now its monday, wed, thurs.. Firday was perfect for me. I work fulltime so i would leave a little early on fri to make it up there.

I was just looking around to see if there were any other ones close by or who tested on fridays. So far i havent found any. If not i guess im gonna have to work something out to try and do thursdays.
I have to take time off of work as well--which is part of what led me to taking multiple tests per session. I usually take Monday off so I can study on the weekend and a little on Monday. The least I've taken in one day is two and the most is four. Even then, it still feels like a lot of time off work for someone who typically doesn't take much.
My Excelsior Journey
Bachelor of Science in General Business, cum laude
Excelsior College
I took DSSTs at the Antioch College location in West LA...they give them there at least once a semester.

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