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Application going in to TESU today, preparing for capstone.
I have finally finished up all the credits I need for my Bachelors and sent my application off to TESU. It has been a long journey to this point that started with Aleks in December 2013 and had a few bumpy times along the way.
I'm not actually going to be able to start the capstone until end of May because of finances and i'm kind of wondering what I should do. I have been studying regularly for a few years now and don't know what to with myself.

What preparations can I make while I wait to start the capstone? are there any book suggestions for the capstone course?
TESU: Capstone completed Big Grin Classroom Management, Differentiated Instruction (6)
Patten: Academic Strategies, Child Growth and Development, Reading, Writing, and Research, Social Psych, Lifespan Development, American Government (18)
Shmoop: Drugs in Lit, Holocaust Lit, Poetry, Lit in the Media, Modernist Lit, Shakespeare's Plays, Western Lit, Women's Lit, British Lit, Euro History (30)
SL: Cultural Anthropology, English Comp I, English Comp II, Biology, Intro Comm, Environmental Science, Philosophy, C++,  Religion (27)
TEEX: Cyber Security for Business Professionals, Cyber Security for Everyone, Cyber Security for IT Professionals (6)
Sophia: Art History, Psychology, Sociology, Visual Comm, Dev Teams  (13)
ALEKS: Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry (15)
NFA: Fire Service Supervision, Community Safety Educators (2)
Kaplan: Documenting Experiences (3)
ACTFL: Reading Proficiency Test (6)
CPCU: Ethics (2)

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