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Are InstantCredit classes deaf friendly?
Hello! I am wondering if anyone knows if InstantCredit classes are deaf friendly? I am at home and isolating while recovering from my heart transplant earlier this year and I want to take a few Instant-Credit courses.

I plan on taking:
American Government
Managerial Accounting
Principles of Marketing
Ashkir, MAOL
magna cum laude baba (3.8)
summa cum laude maol (4.0)
[Image: aE5oKs.png]
When you watch videos on a computer do you use the close captioning? Maybe that is an option for the videos?
UMPI YourPace Alumni: BLS with Management Information Systems, Project Management, and Management minors 
Graduated March 2021

UMPI YourPace: BA Business Administration with Marketing Concentration
Currently Enrolled

I know I am late to this, but yes, they are closed-captioned.
thanks for the information
I paid for an InstantCert InstantCredit Course....

The text options are PERFECT!
Ashkir, MAOL
magna cum laude baba (3.8)
summa cum laude maol (4.0)
[Image: aE5oKs.png]
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I spent about two months subscribed and looking over American Politics course. I didn't take the test with InstantCert and did it at UMPI instead. The course was extremely informative. The captioning was absolutely perfect and completely on point.
Ashkir, MAOL
magna cum laude baba (3.8)
summa cum laude maol (4.0)
[Image: aE5oKs.png]
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