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Are there any 4 year colleges that offer UL credits below $200/credit hour?
could be in any course/online/independent study, just to fulfill UL credits.
Brigham Young University Independent Study is just technically under $200 and has ULs in several fields.
FHSU is pretty close at $218

Interesting. I actually found one under $200. Georgia Southwestern University - a public university in Georgia.

They also evaluate transcripts for free Smile
M.Ed, Educational Technology Leadership, University of Louisiana 
BA, Business Administration, New England College, 2019 
AA, General Studies, Ashworth College, 2017 - Intro to Accounting/Fin - UL - Finance & Intl Bus - Effective Teams/ Managing Conflict
University of the Cumberlands has online undergraduate courses for $199/credit hour.
BS, Info Sys concentration, Charter Oak State College
MA in Ed Tech Leadership, George Washington University
PhD in Leadership, U. of the Cumberlands (in progress)
More at
Collin College in north Texas. They only offer two 4yr degrees right now, BSN Nursing, and BAT CyberSecurity, but are approved to add more. The degrees both officially launched Spring 2020, so I don't know if any of the UL courses are/will be online just yet. The recruiter acknowledged the need for that for older students at the info session we attended. They're catering to adults first, so perhaps that'll be prioritized. My son may do their BAT - I calculated his total BAT at under $6k +books/sw w/free dual credit & free books/sw elsewhere. They accept unlimited CLEP, but not much else - however, they are looking at accepting industry certs for credit.

in-county $54/cr
in Texas: $100/cr
OOS: $167/cr

Look at in-state schools in your own state too. I was surprised to find these two Texas A&M campuses that are fairly reasonably priced at around $225~250/cr (flat rate, based on 15cr, so cheaper if taking more, and it varies per hour under 12) for in-state students AND both have a quiet little notation that they'll evaluate Nationally accredited credit, ACE, DEAC, etc... I only took notice of them because someone taking Sophia courses mentioned he was able to get 6 classes approved for transfer and TAMUCT told him they'd evaluate any course with a comparable syllabus for transfer:

TAMU Central Texas:
Caters to adult learners, with the average student age of 32.

"Academic transfer credit from an institution that is non-regionally accredited is also considered when the accreditor appears on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's (THECB) list of recognized nationally accredited agencies."

THECB Nationally Accredited list (I think):

Tuition isn't horrible at $3442/semester for 12-18 cr, so roughly $229/cr for 15cr. And they have Online options. I'm kind of impressed a college in the A&M system accepts ACE or nationally accredited credit. Credit cost varies below 12 credits. Accepts 90cr in transfer. 30 must be done with them and 24 must be UL.

Texas A&M Commerce campus has a BAAS in Organizational Leadership that's competency-based, 7 week semesters, as many credits as you can manage for $750/7 weeks ($2500/7wks for OOS - yikes). You have to do 30 credits with them. If one could do 2 courses per 7 weeks that $3750 for 5 sessions and the degree is done (that's $125/cr for 6 credits). $250/cr if doing 1 course/session, which isn't as good, but not completely horrible. They also are a bit vague but mention accepting the same Nationally accredited courses, ACE, etc similar to TAMUCT:

"We accept transfer credit from universities accredited through regional, national and professional and specialized accrediting agencies on a course by course basis as determined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions"

If a person were to split the terms between two years, they may be able to take the AOTC credit of up to $2500/yr. It could end up being free or darn close to it. (note: the stimulus checks may prevent realizing the full benefit of the AOTC value this year for some, so research it!) I assume books/SW aren't included, so there's that.

They have other programs and seemed to have a $1k scholarship automatically plugged into their COA calculator which brought semester tuition for regular programs at just under $3500/semester, as I recall.
I also saw a comment from a student from TAMU Corpus Christi that also mentioned accepting Sophia credit. I haven't investigated further to verify.
Granted, most of these schools are looking for students to finish with them - aren't they all? But my focus HAD been solely on the Big 3/4 bc that's what we read about all the time on here, but sometimes there are options within our own state that we may not realize until we look. Smile I do strongly prefer the independent, self-paced study model too, and many in-state are not self-paced. They're sadly out of step with the average adult's needs. But there are some other options out there. It just takes a little research! Wink

I think we may see more colleges stepping out of their boxes to find alternatives to draw in students outside their normal platforms and demographics. Yesterday I was chatting with someone at ASU and the $99/course feeding frenzy has apparently opened their Marketing Department's eyes to new opportunities the lower price point has brought them. They're excited about the sudden rush of attention they're getting. Maybe we will see more colleges looking at new options too! Smile

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