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Are there any sources for Cell Biology, Biology I/II, Chem I/II, Organic Chem I/II?
I've searched all of the usual sources, plus every community college in my state, but I can't find any course in Cell Biology, or any school with both semesters I and II of General Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. Lots of sources have first semester Biology, first semester General Chem, and first semester Organic Chemistry, but none had the follow-up second semester. I'd also rather take part I and II of the courses from the same source, so that I don't run into problems not learning the essential prerequisite skills and content from part I. Does anyone know a source for these credits?
I've been working on this problem myself recently. The only one I can find is Gen Bio and Chem I and II from

As for the rest, based on the transfer school you're going to, you'll need to get approval on courses from Berkley Extension and

My local CC ( just released a few UL science courses which I am hoping to take in the winter from them on campus.
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NMJC has Gen Bio I & II, with the option of taking each during a full semester, or accelerated with each taking 1/2 of a semester.

Rio Salado has Gen Chem I & II, with the option of taking each as an 8-wk or 16-wk course. The other benefit is that they have rolling starts, so you can choose any number of start dates.
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Anyone tried those UNE courses? That looks pretty awesome.
We are all on the same side here, trying to better our let's get along and help each other out. 

Shout-out to the MVP's that have assisted us all. 

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