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Army National Guard....
On active duty, you're correct. But in the Guard or Reserves, officers can pick their branch and unit. All you have to do is find a unit that you'd like to join and see if they have a slot for you. If so, you go through OCS and when you get your butter bar, you report in to your unit.
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HawkGuy Wrote:....when you get your butter bar,......

Uhh.... silly question, but what is the butter bar? I'm assuming it's the officer stripe on the uniform? :confused:

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loredia Wrote:Uhh.... silly question, but what is the butter bar? I'm assuming it's the officer stripe on the uniform? :confused:

That is the first rank you will get as an Officer. 2nd LT, The rank is a Gold Bar. (Butter Bar). The next rank is 1st LT, Silver bar.
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