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At what point are you "locked in?"
Since EC has their "catalog" only online and they told me they don't have specific times of year where they make changes, at what point are you locked in (grandfathered in) from further school/academic changes? Is it once you are enrolled?

From their website: Enrolled Student Status:
Matriculated undergraduate students are enrolled in Excelsior College after they have accepted admission to the College and engaged in one of the following activities within 6 months of the academic policy date:
  1. Registered for an Excelsior College course or exam which applies to their program of study
  2. Transferred newly earned credit from an approved source which applies to their program of study and is not reflected on the official evaluation
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It should be when you are enrolled, yes. But, from what I have heard, EC isn't overly helpful until you have registered for at least one EC course. If you are sure that you want to go to EC, I would suggest taking their 1-credit required course ASAP. That seems to be the easiest way to make sure that your catalog is locked in and that the advisors are helpful.
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