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BSBA Demonstration of Currency Application
I have some old courses that I need to demonstrate currency in my area of study.  Did anybody had an experience with this?
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If they are old then they are not current? I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do.
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I had to do this with some things that were over 10 years old for my Technical Studies BS area of study. They gave me a specific form that needed to be filled out on company letterhead verifying my currency and training that had been done within the last 10 years. I no longer worked there, but fortunately still knew some people in management willing to do it for me. I also had to have the government agency that documented my training respond to a request to certify information for some other courses. After they submitted it, TESU updated everything on my degree evaluation to say (*VAL) Course is 10+ years old, but has been validated. This process took about 30-40 days because it was done via snail mail and relied on a government agency to respond (they are in no hurry). Kind of a hassle but it all worked out. 

Not sure if this was because some of it was experiential credit from a prior university or why they made me do this. Some of the courses were just regular university courses in my area of study and not all of them were tagged for this validation. I worked directly with the dean in my department to get this done. He was very helpful to get me through the process.

(10-17-2020, 02:22 AM)rachel83az Wrote: If they are old then they are not current? I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do.

I can't answer for the OP, but for me, they wanted my area of study courses to be either recent or at least my knowledge to be "current". Not sure why it matters since a completed course is a completed course and I'm not being hired by TESU for a job. It is a thing TESU does though. The department I'm in contacted me after all my old transcripts were added to my evaluation. Many of my transfer courses were 15-20 years old, so this won't even be an issue for the majority of students.
dodek101  - you can do the form and wait, or if you prefer a faster option then take the BUS 202 - E-Marketing for LL credits in the AOS

Note: The only area where this will be an issue is in the AOS (Area of Study), you can have 10+ year old credits for all other courses such as general education/free electives.
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TESU requires this for the AOS only, and only for certain degrees - like the BSBA is one. IT is another.

This is common for other schools though - and won't even let you demonstrate currency. They may just say "we will not accept credits in your major older than X years old" or something like that.
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