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Best Course Of Action
Basically, before you begin, you need to decide on the degree you want and the school you want it from. You can then start taking remaining credits to complete your degree of choice. If you haven't decided on the degree or school, my recommendation is that you can take courses that will transfer into the Big 3 AND the competency based education providers. So that means use more RA, ACE and skip NCCRS for now...  

Here's a thread in regards to transferring credits to the Big 3:
For a break down on the current pricing to the Big 3/Brandman/WGU, see here:

My recommendation is this, continue with TESU with an Associates/Bachelors combo: Add the Associates to your degree plans but do not pay for graduation until you complete your Bachelors requirements.  These are the TECEP list, pick your top 8 choices to get 24 credits, with the 9 credits you have already, you have just past the 30 RA credit requirement and with the 24 credits, hit the Military residency waiver requirement.

Essentially: Pick only the lower level ones, do the upper level ones using ACE (example, with  Here are just some examples of the ones I would recommend you to pick, these 8.  Such as the MAT-105 courser you were about to take can be done by TECEP, or any other ones you're going to take anyways.  
Because we don't have any info on what courses you have completed, you may instead want to pdf/screenshot your entire evaluation - minus your personal details, I usually like to see the "other courses" at the bottom and the notes on your evaluation.  You should do one for the degrees you're interested in at the Associates and Bachelors level, for example: AAS Environmental Safety, Security Technology and the BS Tech Studies, or whatever your goals are.  We can then recommend you the best course of action.
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Wait are you talking about TA or GI Bill?
TA is specifically for the servicemember, but your GI can be given to a dependent. I would say use it at TESU because you can use it to pay for any kind of class except portfolios this includes TECEPs.

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