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Big 4 Accounting Firms Advice
I have never been offered a job from an online course or program (I have many). You will never know your classmates that well. I have been offered two jobs from attending two resident courses/programs. F2F networking is better.
Non-Traditional Undergraduate College Credits (634 SH): *FTCC Noncourse Credits (156 SH) *DSST (78 SH) *CPL (64 SH) *JST Military/ACE (48 SH) *CBA (44 SH) *CLEP (42 SH) *FEMA IS (40 SH) *FEMA EM (38 SH) *ECE/UExcel (30 SH) *PLA Portfolio (28 SH) *EMI/ACE (19 SH) *TEEX/ACE (16 SH) *CWE (11 SH) *NFA/ACE (10 SH) *Kaplan/ACE (3 SH) *CPC (2 SH) *AICP/ACE (2 SH) *Sophia/ACE (2 SH) and *FRTI-UM/ACE (1 SH).
Non-Traditional Graduate College Credits (14 SH): AMU (6 SH); NFHS (5 SH); and JSU (3 SH).

As others have said, pursuing a second bachelor's likely won't be a good use of your time or money. If you really want a second bachelor's, get a second major at your state school in something applicable, like finance or business. Some states have a minimum number of accounting and business credits required to sit for the CPA.

I'll reiterate, to have the best chance to get a position with the big 4 you need an AACSB-accredited accounting degree from a traditional program, preferably one they recruit from. Do your best to get a 4.0, and pursue internships. Figure out the requirements your state has to sit for the CPA exam. If it will require a master's (or nearly that many credits), see if you school has a program that moves you directly from the bachelor's into the master's in accountancy degree. Most will if your state requires 160 credits or so (which is the typical number of credits required, from what I've seen).

Good luck!

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