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Business Electives for TESC
Hi everyone! I'm down to 7 classes/exams left with the last one being a business elective. I am unsure of what to use for this spot.

One of the areas I can choose from is "computer applications". Computer
apps usually always come easy for me so I am thinking this would be the best solution.

From what I can tell TESC doesn't offer any computer apps courses. Any suggestions on where I could take one online that would count for those credits?

Thanks for any help you can give me,

Here's what I used to fulfill those 9 credits:
Principles of Supervision
Business Mathematics
Introduction to Business

(Business Electives (9sh)
> Complete 9 sh from accounting, banking, business, computer
> applications, computer information systems, finance,
> management, hotel/motel/restaurant management, insurance,
> operations management, public administration, real
> estate, law, marketing, and retailing management)

I am taking Prinicples of Supervision next week and and I've already taken Intro to Bus. What is the Business Math? An exam or a class?

I was really hoping to find an online comp app course that would fill the requirement... comp apps come really easy to me, or at least an other Dantes/Clep exam, but doesn't look like anything else will fit.

ahh -- Business Math is a DSST test that you DEFINATELY should take. Just study for it the best you can -- and take it. They grade on a curve. You can do it!!


It would have to be a REALLY big curve! I did not get the "math gene".
I will have to ask my advisor if it would fit the requirement.
Rachael --
If I can pass it -- you can pass it. Smile ALSO -- there's a gal I know who's failed tests multiple times -- and she got her highest score on the Business Math DSST. I'd go for it if I were you!!
hhhmm, I REALLY hate math....but I'll think about mostly depends on if it will be accepted to fill that slot or not. I've already taken Stats, Finance & Precalc. It would certainly be better than having to take a traditional class.

I took the Introduction to Computer Information Systems TECEP.

Based on the CLEP and DSST study guides for their exams (Information Systems and Computer Applications/ Introduction to Computing), the material looks to be the same as what was on my TECEP. Check with an advisor to see if you can take either the CLEP or the DSST to fulfill your requirement.
Obviously, there are multiple ways to meet requirements.... Smile I used the CLEP Information Systems and computer applications to fulfill the Computer Lit/Intr CIS requirement.

and Rachael -- if you've already passed Finance- statistics and preCalculus!! Business Math will be a breeze!!!!!!!! Smile Best wishes on whatever you decide!! Smile Smile
Thanks CDM.... we'll see what happens...need to work on these other exams first I think .


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