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Business in Society TECEP
Hi everyone, 

Can I have some pointers on Business in Society TCEP? I am taking it this semester and just want to know what to focus on? How hard was the test?

Thank you very much! Big Grin
I'm wondering the same thing! There's a DSST that's similar so I'm thinking that would be good prep for this test. Have you taken it already?
Goal: Anything. Just need the paper. 
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(05-27-2020, 10:33 AM)lillingworth Wrote: I'm wondering the same thing! There's a DSST that's similar so I'm thinking that would be good prep for this test. Have you taken it already?

No I am taking it tomorrow. Hopefully I will pass. I have worked for 20 years, so maybe that will help me, lol
Post back after! It's a section I still need to fill.
I am planning on taking the BUS-311-TE Business in Society this week. There does not appear to be much information about this test on here, but people keep saying to just take a different option. I do not see any acceptable equivalents for these classes at all. I looked at CLEP-to-tecep, looked at DSST-to-tecep, and I looked at I think I am just procrastinating now, but please if someone can recall anything from the test that would be helpful. Even if you think that it's obvious.
At SDC, you can take Business 120 or Business 308 to fill this slot. At Davar, you take International Management. You don't have to fill the slot with specifically BUS-311.
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