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CLEP Exam Version
Does anyone know how frequently CollegeBoard changes the questions of CLEP exams? Is there only one exam version per year/session like with SATs? I was reading the study guide and the subjects for my CLEP exam (biology) were structured in a certain manner. This appeared to be similar to how the practice test was structured. Could it be that the subjects are in a different order when I take my exam (online)? I would appreciate any insight on this... Thanks!
They have a very large test bank with hundreds or even thousands of questions - but obviously they're in categories, so that they can pull the right number of questions from the different categories to fit the guide.

They update exams occasionally. But really, they don't need to that often, as they have enough questions that nobody could really memorize them all.
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That's right, there is going to be a huge database that they go through with questions. What you should be doing is, for example, since you mentioned Biology, they'll have X% for each "areas" of study within Biology. You would want to focus on areas that you're not familiar with by taking a practice exam. You can use ModernStates to get a feel of what you're needing help with, practice exams through older books/exam prep materials, you're not going to get the exact questions, but very similar ones. Offer
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