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CLEP: Pros vs. Cons?
(09-06-2019, 10:00 AM)BrighterFuture88 Wrote:
(09-06-2019, 08:48 AM)natshar Wrote:
(09-06-2019, 08:41 AM)BrighterFuture88 Wrote: Man, I wish I had the experiences you all had, as my university here in Nashville only does them every other Wednesday at 1PM — which is AWFUL for those of us that work normal business hours on the weekdays and can’t keep using PTO to take a test.  I have to drive far out to take the test at a college that allows weekdays & weekend testing, so I may just go that route for now on.

You know you can use this:

Not sure if you used it.

Yep, I already used that, as it allowed me to see the next closest college to do CLEP exams.

(09-06-2019, 09:11 AM)indigoshuffle Wrote: Overall, I've found it easier to just take classes through SL because they're cheaper at the end of the day. Less running around, burning gas, waiting, and everything else that comes with leaving the house to take an exam. I think the single greatest advantage is that more colleges take CLEP as alternative credit. Luckily, ACE is gaining ground and schools are learning that not everyone learns the same. My community college, Union County College, takes ACE credits and they now take ACE credits for their sciences, including the nursing program. This has been a tremendous saving$ for my girlfriend and I (she's going to nursing school). With proctoring technology becoming more advanced and streamline, I think colleges are becoming more accepting of the ACE credits. So what I would say is this... check the school you want to go to FIRST, and then do what works best for you. Some people can study for 2 weeks and pass a CLEP and some people's anxiety goes through the roof when they enter testing facilities; if the later is you, then you'll likely prefer ACE credits.

That’s a valid point, but are you factoring in ModernStates for saving you on the costs for exams?  Because not paying that $89 fee and being reimbursed the Admin fee makes it practically free.

We chose a community college that’s a little farther away from us, but it’s a satellite location and their testing center has probably 25 stations in a glassed in room. Very quiet. We can walk in to take the test any day and the most I’ve seen so far is 1 or 2 other people. I believe they’re open late 1 day and close early on Friday’s. There’s 2 large universities in our town that we could’ve gone to, but they require scheduling, they’re very busy and parking is miserable. Too stressful! I’d rather drive 25-30mons to a quiet, stress free environment. Oh, and we’ve never been searched or patted down. That’s crazy! They have lockers for our stuff.

In fact, I think I got the advice to look for most of this criteria in the testing center from Jennifer’s book. Thanks cookderosa!

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