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Can't Focus: Going Father Down the Rabbit Holes
It's been over 5 years now since I was introduced to this concept. It sickens me that I have done very little (if anything) to pursue a BS in psychology and a master in social work.

I am struggling with trying to keep myself engaging with a topic long enough to be able to test out of a class. I always come back to it months later, but I feel there is so much to learn and I have made very little progress in the wide spreed of topics in both area of study. It is not that I am not a curious person, I am just very curious about a lot of subjects and find it hard to focus on just the basics. 

How do you guys keep focused on what needs to be learned , and not go off into depths of details which is what you really seek then and want to know now. Thanks!


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Can't Focus: Going Father Down the Rabbit Holes - by LadySearchDog - 03-19-2020, 04:26 AM

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