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Can you help me with a COSC Application Fee Waiver Code?
(12-06-2021, 02:05 PM)dfrecore Wrote:
(12-06-2021, 01:32 PM)Skirtlet Wrote: They no longer offer waivers. Personally I would try any. other. school. COSC is so slow at evaluating credits that I already already applied to and graduated from Pierpont CTC before COSC was done with my credit evaluation. If you're seeking a bachelor's COSC might be worth it. Perhaps you'll love COSC, but I personally found them frustrating to interact with. I'm glad they offer a lot of credits accepted, but the extreme delays in reviewing my application just about made me give up altogether.

They used to be the best - like 2 days to evaluate. So I wonder what happened?

No idea what happened. I feel like they forgot me, but I also had to email my advisor so many times just to keep telling her I didn't want the BA, only the AA there. She changed my program on file without my permission and I had to re-fill out paperwork to get back into the AA program I had applied to in the first place. Part of the initial delay was me not getting them old official AP transcripts, but it still took months (and numerous emails fro me to them) after they had those on file. I'm not sure if I was more disappointed or frustrated with COSC, but it seems like some others have good experiences.
studyingfortests Wrote:My own experience was that there was one particular admissions person, who I was assigned to both times I applied (2 years apart) who was unbelievably slow and non-responsive to doing my admissions evaluation. In both cases, this person was so non-responsive to emails and calls that, after a couple of weeks of attempts, I ended up writing to the director of admissions, who (in the first case) helped me himself, and (in the second case, different person, as the first had retired) referred me to a wonderful and very responsive admissions person.

I don't know if I just had bad luck, but given the same experience, two years apart, I have to wonder if this particular person isn't particularly diligent, and, if so, why this person is still there?

Separate from that, honestly, it seems like Charter Oak almost intentionally has done just about everything possible to drive away students. They're more restrictive than either of other Big Three, they accept fewer alternative credit sources, they aren't as flexible on start dates. At one point, their selling point was their small and very personalized service. But frankly, the service and responsiveness I've gotten from TESU has been outstanding. As long as I have made sure to avoid their worthless third-party call center people who are friendly but utterly unhelpful, the actual TESU staff is great.

It's really sad because there is SO MUCH potential for COSC to really shine in this market. It just makes no sense why they've squandered what they have.

Yeah, COSC is a good school overall, it's just that their admissions department went down the drain after Bob Fitzpatrick retired. The department removed the waivers for application, the school instituted the new RA requirements, and also removed the bulk of ACE/NCCRS providers from their "new articulation agreements". Their only saving grace is the tuition structure remained in place. I think they're still an option for those who have an AA or at least 24 RA credits, otherwise, it'll be a slow uphill battle to get things done effectively, efficently, and quickly.

Oh, the other saving grace is that they still allow "114" credits transferred in, so for those who have a bulk of RA or ACE mixed up, they will still work out to a pretty affordable option. For those starting off with less RA or just starting out their educational journey, I would recommend UMPI.
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(12-09-2021, 08:54 PM)bjcheung77 Wrote:
Oh, the other saving grace is that they still allow "114" credits transferred in, so for those who have a bulk of RA or ACE mixed up, they will still work out to a pretty affordable option.  For those starting off with less RA or just starting out their educational journey, I would recommend UMPI.

Not everyone wants a CBE program (I'm one - I just don't thrive in that type of situation, it's not my jam).  So for someone who has some RA credits, they are a VERY inexpensive option.  I recommend them to people IRL all the time.
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