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Cancel Account
How do I cancel my account? Any time I send an email, it bounces back to my inbox as undeliverable. :/ Thanks.

I used that form, got a response in <24 hours.
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(12-10-2020, 07:52 AM)dbinghamjr Wrote:

I used that form, got a response in <24 hours.


I've been trying for 2 months now to cancel my Instacert Membership.

My card continues to be charged.

I just sent a third request to the webmaster.

Is there a way to simply cancel online?

I don't want to have to close my card.  My card company won't process a  chargeback as Instacert does not send a confirmation that they received your request, they suggested I shut the card down.

Any suggestions.

Just wondering, did you PM the administrator for his website forum? I would do that in addition to email to the webmaster. I think it's the same person looking at those anyways...
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