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Capstone(s)... What are they and how do they work???
(07-16-2019, 11:51 AM)allvia Wrote: Yes, the Capstone is a required UL AOS course for TESU - and must be taken with the school.

The Cornerstone also must be taken with them (TESU) - the course is specific, SOS-110: Critical Information Literacy, and it is 3 credits (LL) - and falls under general education requirements.

TESU does not have semester enrollment fees - so if your going to be transferring in the 114 credits (& paying the residency fee) there is no financial benefit to take them in the same term. However, taking them in the same term may help you 'speed up' graduation (as they are each 12 week courses - taking them in two terms makes it 24 weeks of TESU courses). With that said, it is often recommended here that once you commit to TESU as your school choice that you get the cornerstone (SOS-110) out of the way; it also puts you in as an active enrollment student for the next year, locks in your catalog, and gives you full access to the academic advisors and such.

This info is GOLD for me!  Thank you!!!  This truly explains it in clear terms and is priceless. I SO appreciate you!
The Institues-Insurance Ethics (2cr)                          
Sophia.orgDeveloping Effective Teams (1cr), The Essentials of Managing Conflict (1cr)
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