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Career change
(09-11-2018, 08:56 AM)brandyqwe Wrote: Thanks for all the replies. I will take all advise into consideration.
I am 28 and have no student loans and own a home.

I am also looking at jobs with other insurance companies. I do not hate my job however there comes a point where i just want to walk out due to stress and workload.

Being a property adjuster you have to handle a lot of incoming claims daily and expectations to close your claims maintain a good nps, multitask.

With all these catastrophes around the states it makes life very stressful. There is always a lack of adjusters because people quit and move on.

We are expected to work overtime to get caught up however you can never get caught up with the volume of claims and the homeowners that need hand holding.

A lot of my co workers considering leaving and going back to be an auto adjuster in a different company. Morale is low. Yes the pay is good however the stress and workload does not match the pay.

I want a career that i can grow into with low stress and decent pay. I love science, that was my first choice however to please my parents i majored in something that i have no interest in.

I will continue on researching. That you all for your advise and input.
Your job sounds a lot like healthcare.  I would encourage you to reach out and talk to people who are in the jobs you think you might want to change to... to find out what issues will still be there in your new job.   You might be able to leave some of the issue behind, but not all.

MHA - Walden University - Started 12/3/18 - Plan to finish in two terms Idea  I think I can, I think I can...
BS Liberal Arts - Depths in Healthcare and Psychology, Excelsior College 2014
AS Licensed Vocational Nursing, Mesa College 1989
Certificate Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN), Mesa College 1977

And, a MBA after the MHA, thenwhen I'm 70 years old, I will finish my RN, just to say I did it!
If you're in a decent paying job right now, I would recommend to cut your lifestyle and save all you can while you stay there. The more money you have saved, the more options and less stress you will have. With a decent savings, you could go back to school debt-free, start your own business, take 3 months off to recover before starting your next job, etc. Money=Options. And if you find that you can live on less, then you also have more options for your next job, it won't have to pay the same. 

You've gotten a lot of good advice already. As someone said, you should talk to people in the careers you're looking at, because a lot of your problems carry across industries. Also, the company you work for can make a huge difference as far as culture, etc. Good luck!

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