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Caribbean Immigration (Med School Discount! - Secrets - Shhh...)
I went to Porto, Portugal last year as I was wrapping up a Euro trip. That city blew my mind and I've been 17 countries over the years. There are only a handful of cities/countries I want to go back to spend more time in and Portugal is the top of the list. Knowing how cheap it is to relocate there, even for a year, really gets the creative juices flowing. I currently work remote so it's not out of the realm of possibility.
You need to check websites like Nomad Capitalist!

Caribbean nations sell citizenship for $100,000.
I'm planning to buy one soon.

I've heard that Bahamas offers 1-year free travel VISA to all visitors.
Estonia has a similar digital nomad VISA program. You can get 1-year free access to Estonia if you're an online freelancer.

So, if your job is based on internet business, you can travel to all of these countries that offer digital nomad VISA.
Yeah! I was a big international backpacker in my younger days, lived in Brazil for six months and spent another six months in the south pacific. Most of my friends are either international or vagabonds like me. I've lived in 7 states and multiple countries, it's a way of life!

My partners' job has us on lock but with the pandemic she might be a free agent soon and we'll relocate again. My backpack is my home Big Grin
Hi folks
I am looking for the link that has the Caribbean and overseas accredited medical schoosl, plus the spreadsheet link to the tuition etc.
Hey... I was going to reply to your private message, but noticed this post, here's the links to the threads:
1) My post from earlier in the week:
2) This post also has the same link to the schools spreadsheet:
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